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Its a great opportunity we provide: Learners learning at their right level

With our primary focus on low-income communities, we give easy access to high quality digital learning content to learners in grades five to twelve (grade 5-12) in Mathematics, Science and Reading 


We Create a Unique opportunity for everyone to learn

Our tools provide the possibility  for  learners to learn at their pace and at their level of competence. The learner experience at Smartzed Learning spaces is highly adaptive.

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Our Learning tool

An adaptive Learning platform for grade 5 - 12 for mathematics, science and reading (English)

Our Learning Spaces

Community based digital learning centres for easy access to the learning platform

Our Content development

Custom made Digital learning content production. Videos, Animations and simulations

Teacher Training

Training for teaching with digital tools and awareness of learning in the digital space

Learning Content hosting

Content hosting for learning institutions

Digital tools Supply

Supply of digital equipment and software for teaching and learning

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